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Member Id:98092
Location:Garner, North Carolina, United States
Last online:Sat 31Mar2018
Profile updated:Fri 4May2018
Looking for fun
Looking for fun. Into sucking cock and bottoming.
40 years old, gay, single, male, Caucasian, chubby, dark brown hair, green eyes, regular smoker, occasional drinker. Looking for men for friendship, dating or casual encounters.
My Stats
Demeanour:Slightly masculine
Domestic situation:I can seldom invite people home
Drinking:Occasional drinker
Education:Master's degree
Ethnicity:Canadian (or American) Caucasian
Eye colour:Green
Gender identity:Male
Hair colour:Dark brown
In or out?:I tell most people
Languages spoken:I only speak English
Mobility:I usually have the use of a car
Preferred residence:In a small town
Relationship status:Single
Smoking:Regular smoker